About JL

The Process

We combine brand integrity, luxury craft, and American made needlepoint to produce a truly one of a kind product. 

Our Production Process

As a specialist luxury hosiery and knitwear manufacturer, JL domestically sources and uses only the very finest yarns and fibers in all of its socks.

Likewise JL only uses the very best quality pima cotton yarn for all of its socks, always looking for the softest and most luxurious handle.

Knitting Machines

21st century technologies sit happily alongside 120-year-old knitting machines on the factory floor. All socks are hand finished individually at the hands of one of our highly-skilled workers. 

JL prides itself on being American made and using the most  advance and technologically sound 200 needlepoint knitting machines.

American Made Luxury Craft

Often referred to as the "cashmere of cotton" - Pima is used to spin finer count yarns, which can be knitted or woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics.  Pima is also 45% stronger than regular cotton which makes our socks last without sacrificing comfort.  

The Sangiacomo HT1

Thanks to advanced technology, HT1 is a machine that combines productivity and quality, without compromising the ease and simplicity of everyday use.

The Mill

At JL the Brand we are proud to design, knit and produce all of our socks in the USA using the finest American Pima Cotton.


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